Let me introduce myself...

I’m Ewa, a brand designer & strategist.

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build flexible brands
that can scale with their businesses... and now?

I’m YOUR brand strategist.


Why am I for you?

Because your clients recommend you to their friends, and inwardly you cringe about your      outdated website.

Because you want all of your bits to look like they belong together.

Because you know how quickly things get done, when the design and copy just… work -
     and dammit, you want to be in that “flow state” every day.

And me? That’s exactly what I do.

It's my job to strengthen your brand
so you can build meaningful relationships at scale.

We'll develop a long-term plan to achieve specific goals without hampering your creativity.

Plus, we'll help you set up clear, simple standards so you'll have no problem staying on brand.


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Want to know more about me?

I’ll keep it simple and random, with these 11 facts:

  1. I love design but hate pushing pixels around. Designers often make art instead of authentic branding because they don't ask enough questions.
  2. I've worked on big feature films. My name appears in the credits of five blockbuster films, including Skyfall, my favorite.
  3. Baking always lifts my spirits. The act of mixing ingredients together is therapeutic to me. On grumpy days, nothing but double chocolate hazelnut cookies will do.
  4. I’m multi-passionate. For years I thought my multipod nature was a problem, but then I embraced it and built four profitable businesses in four unrelated niches in four years.
  5. I moved 13 times in my life, between 4 countries and 2 continents. I’m originally from Poland, lived in the USA and UK, and now call Denmark home.
  6. I have mild dyslexia. I mix up the order of letters in words in my first drafts (regardless of language). My signature mistake in English is writing form instead of from.
  7. I first started my business to solve design problems but then spent 80% of my time digging deeper and exploring broader aspects of my client's brands. Finally, one of them asked why I’m not doing brand strategy for a living…. And the rest is history.
  8. I researching things. I can spend hours happily exploring all manner of topics.
  9. I have a serious addiction to TED talks. They're my go-to source for good news and new ideas. Every day, they remind me that good people make a difference.
  10. I love my job! I love all the unique offers, stories, points of view, visual styles, and voices! Most of all, I enjoy helping my clients clarify and develop those elements so that their brand can reflect their success!
  11. That is exactly what I want to do for you: transform your brand into your most valuable asset!

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