Want to stay consistent with your branding?

Ta da! The Brand Style Sheet Template

No more second-guessing your color choices - get my one‑page Canva template and make yourself a neat style guide that will help you stay on-brand with ease.

Let's face it...

Creating great content is a lot of work, and making sure it looks good is even harder!

You spent a lot of time choosing your brand colors and fonts. You got the logo done and the website all set up. Now, if only you could carry your brand look and feel onto everything else...

Wouldn't it be great to have the same look and feel when...

  • you create new products
  • you update your website
  • you post new content
  • you get a new tool and have to set it up
  • you create social media graphics

Well… I have some good news for you.

That’s exactly what your Brand Style Sheet will help you with!

Easy to use Canva template for your brand visuals

Practical one page design, you can print or reference on screen

Notes & tips to help you get the most out of your template

Everything that Ewa creates is always polished, practical and pretty. It's a joy to use!

Wendy Ockers

Ewa's work demonstrates a level of expertise, sophistication, and artistry not typically available to entrepreneurs.

Annette Chesney

Frequently asked questions

You're missing out! You can create a free account and set everything up without any additional cost.
I'm a adobe prower user and it took me way to long to embrace this versetile tool. Learn from my mistakes!

No. The free version of Canva is just fine.

The template sections are as follows: logo, logo variations, colors, typography, images (mood board), patterns, and icons.

You can add or remove elements. Design them yourself or use Canva's extensive librery of pre-built elements.

Grab my FREE Brand Essentials Workbook. It will guide you step by step through the best process of deciding your brand essentials.

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Ready to stay consistent with your branding?