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Below you'll find all the delightful ways in which we can get your personal brand to the next level.

The time has come for you to figure out how to translate your personality and style into the online world.

Gain mental freedom to create that valuable offer and reach the right people, who'll champion you, just as you are.

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Personal Brand Strategy

Finally feel like yourself online

Grab this free resource and create your own personal brand blueprint, DIY style.

Get The FREE Branding Workbook

You want to go deeper than the essentials and uncover the ingredients that make things feel “on brand”.

Refine your personal brand with this unique flexible one-day 1:1 coaching offer.

Perfect for those that want a steady brand foundation to build on.


You want to create a recognizable and consistent brand that you love.

We'll create a comprehensive personal brand strategy for you, combined with your unique Brand Standards Booklet, to make implementation simple!

Perfect for those who have clarity around their offer and audience and our ready to create solid standards.

See Brand Booklet Examples: Sabbath Mood Homeschool and Sort Muld - Regenerative Farm


Guides & Templates

Uplevel your brand and stay consistent with these products

No more second-guessing your color choices - get my one‑page Canva template and make yourself a neat style guide that will help you stay on-brand with ease.


I'm running a Virtual Zoom Cafe from January to March 2021. Join us twice a week to get stuff done!
Especially those courses and trainings (CAT) you've been collecting for the past couple of years from all sorts of awesome creators!


I appreciated Ewa’s energy and expertise to guide me step-by-step to discern what I needed from the pieces I presented.

Nancy Cullen

Very useful and thought-provoking Voxer Day. Ewa was very generous with her time and knowledge. A must- have for any budding web entrepreneur.

Jutta Russell

Ewa wes very helpful, kind, and positive. She helped me understand why being clear on my brand and message is so critical to my overall success and, more importantly, helped me find that clarity.

Aaron Engelsud

With Ewa's guidance I have better solidified the core aspects of my brand, and have gained a much clearer strategy for my visuals. Her structure is systematic and well planned.

Courtney Gilbert

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