4 Great Books for New Parents

by on 18 March 2015; in Research

Out of all the books I read when pregnant – these four have made it into a “worth recommending” category. They are all well researched and explain their chosen topics well. Ample examples and help tips are given.

Most importantly, they enable you to make your own informed decision of how you will care for your baby or parent your child.

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by on 18 February 2015; in Uncategorized

For nu, alle mine blog artikler er på engelsk.
Find dem her.

11 Benefits of Babywearing

by on 16 January 2015; in Babywearing

I have been wrapping my little girl since the first week of her life. Tightly enveloped by the woven wrap we caught the eye of many people and interest of passing parents. Soon I realised there is a need in Denmark to spread the goodness of babywearing.

So, last weekend I completed a professional consultancy course in the ClauWi® school of babywearing. Now, equipped with knowledge and refined tying techniques I am prepared to help other parents grow in confidence and skill to babywear themselves.

But why, you may ask, would anyone want to babywear in the first place?
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Word of 2015: Season

by on 01 January 2015; in Wind Whispers

Happy New Year!

The unwavering time urges us forward into yet another set of twelve months. I hope this one will bring positive lasting change in our lives. In other words I hope that we won’t just grow older, but grow up a little.

For many, first of January is the first test of their new year resolutions. To be successful those need to come with a plan and a heart that is ready for change. Often, they don’t and the resolution gets dusty and forgotten by the end of the month.

Maybe you can tell? I am not a big fan of New Year resolutions. Instead I pick one word to focus on for following 365 days.
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4 Simple Habits that Transformed My Diet

by on 12 May 2014; in Life Hacks

A little over a year ago, in the cold and wet month of February, I got tired of feeling tired. The fact that in the past two years I also gained weight was hard to ignore. Something had to change.

I had a gut feeling that my diet was the common denominator of my problems. And me, being me, I did not want to simply jump onto the latest trendy diet bandwagon. Instead I was willing to do the leg work and research first.
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