4 Great Books for New Parents

Out of all the books I read when pregnant – these four have made it into a “worth recommending” category. They are all well researched and explain their chosen topics well. Ample examples and help[…]


11 Benefits of Babywearing

I have been wrapping my little girl since the first week of her life. Tightly enveloped by the woven wrap we caught the eye of many people and interest of passing parents. Soon I realised[…]

Word of 2015: Season

Happy New Year! The unwavering time urges us forward into yet another set of twelve months. I hope this one will bring positive lasting change in our lives. In other words I hope that we[…]

Action Plans: Drifting

Due to the move and other life events I have been living a life away from my office and internet for a while. But it’s time to come back. =) Reality Checks & Action Plans[…]