4 Simple Habits that Transformed My Diet

by on 12 May 2014; in Life Hacks

A little over a year ago, in the cold and wet month of February, I got tired of feeling tired. The fact that in the past two years I also gained weight was hard to ignore. Something had to change.

I had a gut feeling that my diet was the common denominator of my problems. And me, being me, I did not want to simply jump onto the latest trendy diet bandwagon. Instead I was willing to do the leg work and research first.
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How May I Help You?

by on 01 May 2014; in Uncategorized

Notice about the “invisible” last post and future Action Plan posts
You may have noticed that the last post disappeared from the front page.

This is due to changes I have made on the blog. From now on posts published in the “Action Plans” category will not come up on the front page or be delivered to your inbox via the newsletter.

Instead, if you are interested in following this experiment, you can find them in the Menu under Life Plan -> Action Plans. The latest post is displayed in full, while the previous ones can be accessed through the archive list.

I would like this blog to be of service and a resource to you. So I am giving you – my readers – the option to choose which topics I should tackle first.
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Life Plan: Envisioned Future

by on 10 April 2014; in Life Plan

If I am to work towards a better life I might as well work towards the best life I can envision. So how does it look to have a great marriage? How does it feel to have fruitful relationships? How do you live if money is not an issue?

Time to think and dream big! Every priority in our lives deserves a picture of the perfect future. So I ask: How do I envision the ideal future?
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Life Plan: Identifying Priorites

by on 07 April 2014; in Life Plan

Priorities are easy to identify when we develop an awareness of what’s important to us. Knowing how we want to be remembered, we now ask: What matters most? What is important to me?


The list of possibilities is endless: your children, spouse, family, God, finances, career, health, friends, that big dream, having fun… When you seek out the answers beware of the expectations set on us by others. They can easily skew what we feel is important.
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Life Plan: Determining Outcomes

by on 03 April 2014; in Life Plan

When I wrote the first draft of my life plan (over two years ago) I was surprised as to how timeless this section felt. If I died next week I would like people to remember me that way, just the same as if I live for the next eighty odd years. I also realised that the outcomes do not contain any of my big bucket-list dreams (like having children or renovating a castle), but neither do they exclude them.

Imagine all the people who are important to you gathered in a lovely room together. Those to whom you are important also arrived, eager to speak their mind. They all came to share how your life has affected and inspired theirs.

They came because you have departed the face of the Earth.

Who would these people be, I wonder? And what would they say?
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